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Please take the time to Register your eBook

Please take the time to carefully fill in this form so you can generate a Password which you can use to activate all the tools on the RailPass RailMap.

Your Name:

Valid e-mail Address eg GeraldStone@hotmail.co.uk:

Please enter the eBook Password which can be found in the last chapter of the eBook where you found the link to this page:

Please now press [Submit] Button. You will then taken to the next stage of this process where you you will instantly receive your password and a button for instant access to RailRouter RailPass RailMap.

Why Register your eBook?

Registration is important if you want access all the RailMap tools and PDF RailMap Atlas - Europe (password protected which will be available from Mid February 2015).

What happens when you register?

When you Register you will be asked if you are happy to abide by the terms and conditions of use. A lot of time and effort has been put into RailRouter RailPass RailMap. This effort needs to be protected. Once you start the restistration process you will be given all the info you need. It only takes a minute.

    1. Enter your name

    2. Enter your email address

    3. Password found in last chapter of eBook. Only use this to register your purchase and confirm that you want to receive newsletter and more information about the WorldRailMap.com project.

    4. Once this information been validitated correctly:

    5. Read the terms and conditions and then tick the box to say that you are happy to abide by the terms and conditions of use

    6. Get issued an instant password on the same page .. no waiting around or logging into a mail account and use the button to get instant access to eBook version of the RailMap.

    7. IMPORTANT: Use this NEW password to log into RailMap, PDF ofRailPass RailMap Europe or any other WorldRailMap.com interactive maps etc

Forgotten passwords

What happens if you forget the password

Don't worry, if you have forgotten the password. It is no problem just register again ie fill the form in again and provide information refered to above. There is no limitation to how many times you do this .. as long as you have a copy of the eBook then you are able to generate a new password.

What happens if the password does not work ?

Always use the Password provided in the Amazon purchased eBook to register your eBook which will generate a new password from this page.

You can use the Password in the eBook to login to the RailMap but you will not be able to access the PDF RailPass RailMap - Europe or some of the Interactive RailMap functions.

Check you are using lowercase letters. The Password is case sensitive - so check you don't include any capital letters.

Do not include a carriage return or enter key .. use the button provided to trigger password function to work.

Any queries or you are unable to register your eBook or login please email railrouter@gmail.com.






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