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RailPass RailMap Europe Kindle eBook with easily accessible TOC, instant links to PDF versions and password for DIY RailMap Creator App.


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RailMap is being continually improved. Please regularly update your PDF downloads to reflect the changes.



For a great introduction to everything available in the to RailMap Europe 2015 eBook.

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Explore the whole European railway network with the Illustrated RailMap of Europe eBook perfect for Interrail or Eurail pass holders.  The Kindle eBook covers 31 European countries and displays lots of useful info on the Rail Map Europe country atlas page/screenshot including:

  • Instant Pinch and Zoom on RailMap JPG images
  • Easy to download PDF equivalents for even better quality RailMap pages
  • Easy to identify High speed routes
  • Main railway lines (seat res usually required) and
  • Local railway lines (slower but no seat res required)
  • Highlighted and easy to identify scenic routes
  • Ski resorts and summer hiking destinations
  • Ports and popular ferry routes
  • Major airports with interational codes
  • Stations with shower facilities
  • National parks and areas of outstanding beauty
  • Cities and towns with airport
  • Sandy beaches and stunning coastlines
  • Mountain ranges and major inland lakes


Additional chapters include:

  • How to get the most from your Kindle eBook - Including how to use the Pinch and Zoom touch screen gestures to get the most from the RailMap JPG inserts
  • Detailed explanation of RailMap Legend
  • Interactive RailMap Atlas - what to expect when you load up the PC App
  • Download the Illustrated Guide - link to the PDF
  • Build your own Atlas - Detailed instructions of how to create your own RailMap Atlas using App, Word and PDF
  • Links to all the travel friendly PDF equivalent downloads


RailMapEurope eBook is an invaluable companion for traveling around Europe by train.


Below is screenshot of RailMap Spain North. As you can see the quality is excellent and all the features are easily visible.


RailMap Europe purchase also includes the RailMap Atlas App
RailMap tools to enables you to easily find major towns and cities with [A-Z Index] and the brilliant [JPG] tool which enables you to quickly and easily build your own DIY Atlas.  This is a must have app for accompanying a RailPass adventure around Europe.

If you are considering a RailPass this is an invaluable PC app with lots of info, tools and pre-planned routes to enable you to get the very most from your RailPass and the whole European Railway network.

Build a DIY Atlas

Not sure where a location is?


Explore the whole European railway network with the Illustrated RailRouter RailMap of Europe eBook and accompanying interactive RailMap App. 
The Kindle eBook covers 31 European countries and Interactive RailMap has additional countries including:

Eastern European Baltic states of:  Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova and Russia. 

North African: Morocco,  Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Western Egypt.

Caucasuses: Including Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran.

There are downloads to travel friendly PDF equivalents perfect for Kindle tablet and smart phone readers and an invaluable companion for travelling around Europe by train.

RailPass RailMap free PDF's ready to download now



Sample of the PDF for Czech Republic with features

RailPass Atlas illustrated Guide and Instructions

Learn more about RailPass Atlas with the illustrated PDF Instructions and User Guide (no password required):
Follow this link for PDF or click contents page graphic below.
Interactive RailPass Atlas guide - Contents page
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